Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday "Wrap Up"

On Monday I started my makerspace.  You can read about that here .
I am really pleased with how it went this week.  It was fascinating to see the kids thought processes as they tried to build.  I pleasantly surprised to see that each day, girl teams were the ones that were able to make the tallest tower out of pipe cleaners.  

More things that happened...
- 3 Second Grade lessons about how the everybody section is organized
- 4 First Grade lessons about objects in the sky using PebbleGo and Popplet
- 5 Kinder Little Elliot, Big City story times

And my nails... GLOW IN THE DARK!! How cool is that.  At our Jamberry Summit last weekend, they announced the glow in the dark wraps and gave us each a sheet.  I couldn't wait to get home and try them.  On that same day, my Tru Shine Gel Kit came so of course I had to try that to. So here is my Glowing Ghouls Wraps with a Black Cherry Gel accent nail (don't judge the painting of the nail, just look at the pretty color and smooth, shiny finish ;)) 

And here are my wraps at night.  They totally freaked me out the first night I had them on because I forgot about them.  I turned off my bedside light and went to scratch my nose and almost had a heart attack.  

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Technology Tuesday: Popplet

First grade is learning about things in the sky.  We used Pebble Go and Popplet to make a web of 2 things they can find in the sky.

Popplet was a little challenging since anytime you touch a new popple comes up but the students enjoyed it and hopefully the teachers will start to use it more in the classroom.  

Monday, October 5, 2015

Makerspace Day!

Today I started my makerspace!

I am meeting with one grade level each week and 4-6 kids from each class each day.  I decided to have 4 days that I meet with the kids instead of 5 in case there is a holiday or school event that interrupts a day.  That way those kids that missed can come of the 5th day.  

I am starting with 5th grade, so this morning I had about 32 students in the library.  I read them the book The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires.
This is a great book to introduce the concept of makerspaces because the little girl has a plan to build the most magnificent thing.  After many attempts of having it turn out wrong, she gets mad and decides to quit.  Her assistant (the dog) suggests they take a walk and as she walks she notices that in all the wrong things she did, there was something a little right in each one.  So she goes back and finally comes up with the most magnificent thing.  After I read, I explained about the makerspace and the schedule and then I went over my expectations for their time.

I did want them to be able to have a challenge the first time, so I gave them the pipe cleaner challenge.   I didn't do it exactly like that because we had only about 10 minutes.  As I walked around talking to the groups I heard things like
"we need a good foundation"
"it needs a floor"
"it won't stand because there is no support"
Every student was engaged with their partner for the 10 minutes.  They were talking to each other and reworking their idea when it fell over. 

The hard part came when it was time to clean up.  They didn't want to stop!  I will have to find a better system of using a countdown timer or something so they can see how long they have to work.  After they put the materials away, I asked the students if anyone wanted to comment.  One student commented that no one had the same idea and that the structures all looked different.  So I took that moment to say that there were going to be no right or wrong answers during their time at the makerspace as long as they were thinking and working it was all good.  

Here are some pictures.  

Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday "Wrap Up"

Can you believe it is already October and 6 weeks of school have gone by?  We are supposed to be having a "cold front" in San Antonio this weekend (meaning our temperatures will be in the 80s during the day instead of the mid 90s, but I'll take it!).

This week in the library...
- 5 Kinder Storytimes (My Teacher is a Monster, No I am Not) - such a funny book for this time of the year as the honeymoon is over and some of the "monsterness" is coming out ;)
- 4 Second Grade Digital Citizenship Copyright lessons
- I met with 3rd - 5th grade teachers to explain how our makerspace will be working since that is starting Monday - Eekk!
- Attended a library Professional Development
- Attended a library transformation planning meeting
- Held our 2nd newspaper club meeting
- More planning for the makerspace

And my wraps... Spellbound -I just couldn't wait any longer - Love them!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Technology Tuesday: Flubaroo

Have you heard of Flubaroo? 

 It is a game changer for teachers!  Flubaroo can grade multiple choice or fill in the blank assignments in under a minute.  I have been using it as a Google add-on to my Google form quizzes for the Bluebonnet books.  It is super easy to use and literally takes less than a minute to grade my 10 question quizzes.  Check out the step-by-step directions here.

I love it for grading my quizzes for 3rd-5th graders each week, but I can totally see teachers who are flipping their classrooms using it as a quick assessment of the night's videos.  How might you use Flubaroo?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday "Wrap Up"

It was digital citizenship week in the library this week.  I had to tech the district copyright lesson to Kinder, 1st and 2nd (see post here)

- 3 Second Grade digital citizenship lessons
- 5 First Grade Digital Citizenship lessons
-5 Kinder Digital Citizenship lessons and story/journal time
- met with one book jobber
- spent lots of time working on my makerspace that I will be starting Oct 5.

And my wraps... Renaissance, retired Orchid Glimmer and Retired Galaxy.  Renaissance is one of the new "Satin" wraps.  It is so shimmery and applies really nicely.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Technology Tuesday: Chatterkids Digital Citizenship

Every year, teachers in my district have to teach 4 district provided lessons in September about Digital Citizenship.  The 4th lesson is about copyright and so it makes sense that the librarian teaches that one.  Copyright is an especially hard concept to teach to the younger grades out of the blue.  I think they understand it more when we revisit it with our research units in the spring.

Anyway, this week we are doing the district provided videos, but I decided to kick it up a notch and add a fun app called ChatterPix Kid to the mix.  
This is a fun app that makes anything talk.  All you have to do is take a picture, draw a mouth and record.  After watching the district copyright video and discussing why it is not ok to take someone's work without giving them credit, I had the students get iPads and create a video explaining it in their own word.  The took a picture of a book cover or a computer, recorded their explanation and then I allowed them to add stickers to their video.  What fun!